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Blue Prom Dresses

Every Prom season the top manufacturers like Alyce and Night Moves incorporate a large range of blue prom dresses in their designs. This is no surprise considering blue is an overwhelming favorite color choice for both men and women. Blue is one of the few colors that is not identified as gender specific which makes it a great choice for a prom dress as it appeals to both girls and guys.  Manufacturers know that prom, pageant, and other formal wear customers like blue dresses whether the dress style is sexy, hi-low, mermaid, or even short. One of our favorite prom dress options are the trendy and modern royal blue hi-low styles that we have seen emerge from top formal wear and pageant manufacturers such as Alyce Paris Designs.

- Blue is bold.  Blue prom dresses are always spectacular.  Who doesn't look good in blue?  That is why blue is one of the most made colors for prom and pageant formal wear.  Shop soon for your bold and beautiful blue prom and pageant dress.

What is the Meaning of Blue?

Blue is considered the color of water and with most people it is a serene and soothing color. Picture the relaxing waves at the ocean during a beautiful sunset. It doesn't get any more calming than that. Research has often found blue to be either a favorite color or one of the top favorite colors. Many people also associate the color blue with trust and reflection. Blue dresses make a great choice for prom because blue is not an intimidating color. Since it is considered a trustworthy and dependable color, you will find that the other girls and guys at prom will feel comfortable in your presence. Blue dresses are great to play up with complementing shades of blue makeup and accessories. Many blue dresses look great with hair that is done up in the beachy-soft waves styling. Any woman can pull off a blue prom dress. Many blondes look great in the lighter aqua colors while brunettes may find that the richer blues complement them best. The trick is to play around with the color and see which shade works best for you.

Long, flowy dresses are popular in blue colors, including sexy blue dresses. Blue is a calming color, the color of both sea and sky. Blue is also the most popular favorite color. Many hues of blue can be found in formal gowns, from aqua to periwinkle to navy.

Consider blue as a color choice for Prom and Pageant. You will make a dynamic and dramatic entrance in blue without being too over-the-top. Blue dresses are always fantastic choices for pageant colors. Many pageant winners have worn blue as their formal evening dress. Since it is not an intimidating color, it goes over well with judges and will make you feel relaxed and calm. Consider blue for your next formal wear event whether it be sorority, prom, homecoming, cruise, pageant or cocktail.

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