Prom Corsages & Boutonnieres

When it comes to prom corsages and boutonnieres, coordination is the key.  make sure you and your date communicate with each other to ensure your corsage and his boutonniere somewhat match.  An even better idea would be to go and order them together.  Sometimes when you order both as a set you get better deals.  You want to be clear on what types of ribbons and flowers you want.  There are also many different ways for you to wear a corsage, so if you and your date aren't going to purchase them together, make sure he knows what kind of corsage you want. 

*Wrist Corsage:  This is the most common corsage.  Make sure you choose flowers that go well with your prom dress.  You can also choose what size corsage you want.  A wrist corsage can be made in a couple of different ways.  You can either get the traditional kind, which is a small group of flowers that is attached onto a wrist band and placed on your wrist, or you can get the kind that has a ribbon that attaches to the wrist.

*Hair Corsage:  Depending on your style of prom dress, you many be able to have a hair corsage made.  This is when the flowers are attached to a hair clip and then tucked into the hair.  Show your chosen corsage to your hairstylist to plan how it will go with your hairstyle.

*Pin-on Corsage:  This is when you pin your corsage onto your prom gown, kind of like the guy wears his boutonniere.  Obviously yours would be more elaborately made and probably a little larger than his.  This is particularly nice if your prom dress is simple.  Play with the placement of your prom corsage and have fun with it!

*Clutch Corsage:  If you aren't a huge fan of the corsage idea, this is something different you might want to try.  This is a corsage that you can pin to your handbag.  Be sure to use a simple prom handbag for this corsage style.

*Small Bouquet/Nosegay:  Your date can actually get you a nosegay, which is just a very small bouquet (ask your florist) that you carry.  This can be a simple as a single rose.  These are actually more romantic and unique.  Plus, they look great in pictures!