Prom Do's & Don'ts


Pick a prom dress that fits you and flatters your figure.Forget to bring mom or other special person prom dress shopping with you.
Pick the flowers and colors for the corsage and boutonniere to match your prom dresses.Tell your date that your prom dress is blue and expect him to get the right color vest when your dress is turquoise.  (They don't understand).
Be ready on time, you don't want to keep the entire party waiting.Forget to call your date and make sure he remembers to be ready on time.
Tell your date that he looks handsome.Fish for compliments (your date and friends will get annoyed).
Wait for your date to pull out your chair.  If you stand there when he begins to sit, he will get the idea.Worry about the forks and spoons as long as you're not eating your soup with a knife you are fine.  Just try to work from the outside in.
Shower the night before.  It's true your hair will look better if it's not clean.Forget to bring lip gloss.  You don't want dull lips in your picures.
Shave the day of prom.  You don't want to be prickly and you want to look and feel your best .Go to the restroom 12 times during dinner and bring all of the girls with you.  How would you feel if your date left the table that many times?
Wear earrings.  They can add to almost any dress.Tuck your dinner napkin into your dress or let your date tuck it into his shirt.
Be polite to your parents as well as his/hers.Forget your camera.  You want pictures to put in your scrapbook.
Pay for pictures if your date paid for tickets and dinner.Forget to tip the limo driver.